Rebranding Hesketh Henry

We recently developed a new visual identity for one of Auckland most established legal brands, Hesketh Henry. The new branding reflects their heritage, commitment to the arts and reputation.

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Westpac Private Bank Relaunch

Westpac recently re-launched their Private Bank offering. We were asked to develop the CVP, brand guidelines, tools and client content to bring to life.

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From Zero to Hero

The buzz that 'Spray and Walk Away' has generated amongst trade, consumers and staff is unparalleled in the 20-year history of 30 Seconds.

Craig Newton

Our business is based on the following principles:

Going deep - being knowledge led and specialising in categories where we can make a difference.

Only hiring senior people. No juniors no blank looks.

Assembling the best communication expertise across the clients market.

Reducing reliance on paid for media.

Moving quickly and always focusing on fixing the business problem.


A new view of the world

We were asked by Westpac Institutional Bank to develop branding and communications material to support the launch of a new emissions trading service. Drawing on the key pillars of innovation and positive environmental impact, we developed 'a new view of the world' by Carbonbank.


Turning Seven

According to Craig's Linkedin page January 14 marked our seventh anniversary.

Pitching Canberra

To win lucrative government business Workstar needed to get on the radar and engaged in Canberra. Working hand in hand with Acumen PR we helped develop and launch a professional community of interest, speaker series, specialised content providing Workstar immediate profile and face-to-face engagement with senior government personnel.

Delivering Financial Advice

We help connect New Zealanders to Westpac Financial Advisers. Our job is to bring the advice proposition to life by developing content and tools for the advisers.


Workstar develop e-learning solutions to support large-scale change management projects. Over the last six months we’ve developed new branding, segment specific propositions, supporting content, sales tools and channel programmes to help Workstar aggressively pursue new market opportunities.


A is for...

The Art of Law is the brand positioning developed for Hesketh Henry. It reflects their approach to client partnering and long-term support of the arts.

B is for...

The digital Investor

The Investor is a premium magazine reaching all Westpac high net worth clients. We’re responsible for developing story ideas, writing content, design and layout. Next quarter Investor goes digital delivering richer and more involving content.

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Westpac KiwiSaver... The people’s choice

By simplifying the messaging and making the complex easy to understand we helped make it easier for people to choose Westpac KiwiSaver. Work Place Savings New Zealand recently recognised the Westpac KiwiSaver Investment Statement as the best in the industry.

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